10 Tips for Effective Boiler Maintenance


What is a boiler and how does it work?

The boiler is one of the most fundamental devices in every house, providing people with hot water during the year and warm rooms in the cold time of the year. It is of high importance to make sure your boiler functions well. This is possible if you know what a boiler is, its operation, and some tips to keep it in tip-top condition and make your boiler work effectively for several years. One of the key factors to consider is boiler maintenance.
If we want to say what a boiler does in easy words, we can say it heats the water and sends it to the radiator to make your house feel comfy in the cold months of the year. It also provides you with the hot water you need during the year. So, its function is to heat your house and bring hot water to your faucets.
But how does this happen? Every boiler uses a kind of fuel to heat the water. The fuel, which in many cases is the gas, enters the boiler through a valve connected to the fuel supply. As it enters the combustion chamber, a spark lights fire. That will heat the water, and later the hot water is pumped to the pipes when you turn on your radiator system or open a faucet.

How to maintain the boiler in tip top condition?

There are a few simple but essential tips to help you use your boiler for a long time effectively.

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1. Clean the boiler and radiators

It is necessary to clean the boiler regularly to ensure its proper function. While cleaning it, check the joints and remains of probable soot; too much soot indicates improper combustion that can show a malfunction. Also, remember to power flush your radiators at least every two years. In this method, you use strong cleansing liquids to remove dirt and increase the efficacy of your boiler.

2. Bleed the radiator

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Bleeding the radiators is one of the most important things done annually. There may be air in the water cycle of your heating system. It causes the radiators not to be warm enough. This way, the boiler needs to work harder to provide the heat needed. It also maintains the pressure in the boiler. Not only bleeding is effective for the efficacy of the boiler but also helps you reduce your utility bills. To learn more ways to decrease your utility, read our article save money on energy bills.

3. Check the colour of the flame

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The colour of the flame can show if your burner is working effectively. The flame should be a clear blue colour. A malfunction with the burner can cause the flame to be yellow or orange. As soon as you see this change, call a professional for a check-up. It can indicate a carbon monoxide leakage which can cause a broken boiler later. It also is a silent killer and a real risk to your family.

4. Check the boiler’s pressure

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To keep your boiler sound, it is essential to keep the boiler at the right pressure. The operating pressure of the boiler should be 1.2 to 1.5 bars. If the pressure is higher than this, use the radiators to reduce it. However, if it is lower, open a tap and let the water circuit for a while.

5. Set up an annual check-up

It is essential to have an annual maintenance and check-up. To this end, hire a professional and set up a yearly service for boiler maintenance. Professionals will check if the boiler is clean, working perfectly, and the connections are well; this means they are not drained or do not leak. These connections include all the joints and the pipes of the gas supply and boiler. Also, your boiler needs to be lubricated. The professionals can lubricate the essential parts like the pump and fans. By oiling them, you can ensure the normal performance of the boiler and maintain the boiler in top-top condition.

6. Insulate the pipes for the maintenance of boiler

Insulate the pipesfor the maintenance of boiler

Check the room in which you have your boiler. If there is a lot of stuff piled up there, take out the unnecessary stuff. Remember boiler needs air to function well. That is why we need to check the air grilles regularly too. They check if enough air is transferred to the boiler.

7. Ensure proper ventilation for boiler maintenance

You should check your pipes and prevent them from freezing in the cold seasons. To this end, the only thing to do is to buy foam tubes and fit them around your pipe. This way boiler does not need to work more than necessary. In addition, you can decrease your utility bill.

8. Check the quality of water for boiler maintenance

As the water circulates in the radiators and boiler, it is important to be sure it is of good quality. Water hardness is what causes drains. This can also lead to short cycling and wet steam. To know more about water hardness and ways to increase water quality read our article “How to maintain water quality for your boiler”. Boiler maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your boiler.

9. Check for leaks

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Leeks can be a sign of an aged boiler. As soon as you notice issues start checking the joints and connections. Otherwise, you will face a flood and lots of damage soon. Air grilles are where the air comes to the boiler, so we should be sure they are all clean. Maintenance of boiler is crucial to ensure the longevity of your boiler.

10. Check the level of water

Maintaining the water level helps your boiler work in tip-top condition. Additionally, it is crucial for safety. Remember to check the water level periodically. When the water level drops too low, it can damage the boiler, and probably cause a fire. Boiler maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety of your boiler.


Now that you know how the boiler functions and what makes your boiler work harder and last longer, you may need to replace the boiler less often and, as a result, reduce your bills. Regular maintenance of boiler is essential to keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently.

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