6 Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Leaking


Sometimes we see Sometimes we see kitchen sink leaking that can cause problems, but the main question is, what should we do when we encounter a sink leak problem?

Every person may have seen a leaking pipe sink in the kitchen at least once. Many people have felt the unpleasant smell from the sink and were very upset about this problem. When this happens, you will first go to the cause of the Sometimes we see kitchen sink leaking and then come to fix it. First of all, you should get complete information about the sink and then solve the problem of the cause of the leak in the sink. Here we will discuss some of the reasons for the leakage of the dishwasher sink and dishwasher siphon and how to fix it for you.

The leading causes of kitchen sink leaking

There are many reasons for sink leaks, and we will mention some of their important ones here. Some of the causes of kitchen sink leaking can be solved by almost everyone, but others need experts in this field (building plumbing) who can help you solve the problem.


When kitchen sink leaking happens, always try to determine the cause of the sink leak. And solve the problem fundamentally and from its primary source. Sometimes sinks can be easily repaired; others require the services of a professional plumber. Whether you call a plumber or try to fix a kitchen sink leak yourself, it’s essential to know what causes these leaks in the first place.

1. Wear and tear of worn pipes

Sometimes the cause of water leakage may be due to worn-out pipes. In such cases, it is better to call a plumber and not touch anything yourself.

2. Leaks caused by faucets

Most of the time, faucet leaks are caused by damaged or worn washers. All you have to do is replace them. In some cases, the leakage is severe, forcing you to replace the entire faucet, which is not difficult.

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3. Water leakage due to a broken washer

Because the connections are mostly out of sight, you may not notice a leak until your cabinets, and other items under the sink get wet. Water leaks can be caused by corrosion or, more commonly, a failed gasket in a fitting. In most cases, replacing the gasket should be sufficient.

4. Blockage of the P-TRAP pathway

The term P-trap is used to define the curved part of the sink pipe (shown in the picture). Whose main task is to prevent the creation of unpleasant odours in drains. The P-curve is usually out of sight, making it difficult to detect a leak quickly. Over time, waste material, small pieces of food, and junk tend to accumulate in the P-curve. This causes the water to drain improperly and may cause leakage problems. In such cases, it may be necessary to replace the curve completely.

5. The O-RING may be damaged

As you can see in the picture, there is an O-ring under the sink. Over time, the O-ring wears or loosens due to regular use, causing the faucet to leak near the O-ring. If the O-ring is damaged, we will replace it. 

6. the gap between the sink and the counter

One of the reasons for the leakage of the sink is the gap between the sink and the counter. To solve the problem in such cases, it is enough to carefully seal the seam between the sink and the container so that the water does not drip from the sink. In some cases, water leaks from the sink when opening and closing the faucets simultaneously. You can see water dripping from where it is leaking. In such sensitive situations where the problem may be due to clogging of the pipes, it is better not to touch anything yourself and seek the help of a professional plumber because plumbing is very specialized work. In these situations, people can eliminate the cause of the sink and siphon leakage with proper sealants.

Common Sink Leaking Problems

When buying a kitchen sink, you should pay attention to its appearance and beauty because the most critical point in buying a dishwasher is to pay attention to its efficiency. You will use it for several years, but if your sink does not work well and is not of good quality, it will break quickly, and you will have to buy a new one. Here are some common sink leak problems:

  • Swelling of the screen around the kitchen tap

  • Scaling the kitchen tap

  • Clogged kitchen tap

  • Scratching the kitchen tap

Repair kitchen mixer tap leaking

In today’s houses, the floor under the sink is usually made of wood. When wood is exposed to water for a long time, it deteriorates. Also, when the wood is exposed to water leakage for a long time, it causes mould and an unpleasant smell.

Learn more about the Tap and the common causes of kitchen Sink leaking

Problem 1

In some cases, the wear and tear of pipes sometimes cause the pipe to break and cause water leakage, in which cases it is better to contact experienced people in this field and avoid solving this problem yourself; Because if you cannot solve the problem, you will unintentionally cause more serious damage to the sink and pipes.

Problem 2

It has sometimes been seen that there are some pipes in the lower part of the sink, which due to its special shape (its curved shape), small garbage accumulates there and causes the blockage of these pipes, and this is the cause of the leakage of the sink, and It is a dishwasher siphon. Due to the fact that these pipes are out of sight, accessing them is a challenging task. In some cases, it is necessary to thoroughly remove these pipes and use a replacement pipe for them. This work is the speciality of plumbers, and not everyone can do it, so it is better to use experienced plumbers in this field

Problem 3

Sometimes, the entire sink needs to be replaced, and the issue cannot be resolved. In these cases, the reasons for the leakage of the dishwasher sink and dishwasher siphon are not completely clear, and the cause cannot be found in the water faucet and siphon pipes (all sealings have been done correctly). And finally, the sink must be replaced. Therefore, when buying a sink, you should first be sure of the quality of the sink, and then consider its beauty, and then proceed to buy it.


The sink is vulnerable due to water and detergents’ continuous and long-term use. So if it is not of good quality, it will be damaged quickly and cause trouble. The common problems that occur in low-quality sinks are the reasons for the leakage of the dishwasher sink and dishwasher siphon. Some of them are scratched sink, clogging of the sink, accumulation of scale in the sink and swelling of the sink surface, which in these cases should be fixed before. Since worse things happened and the pipes were damaged, you must replace the sink.


After finding the root cause of the leak and turning off the water in the sink, you can start working to solve the problem. Keep in mind that every moment is crucial to fix the leak problem; Therefore, try to fix the leakage of the sink and the dishwasher siphon at the first opportunity. If you can solve the problem, try to fix it; otherwise, don’t take risks and get help from experienced people because you may unknowingly damage some siphon piping and multiply the leakage problem.


Can we solve all kitchen pipe leaking problems by ourselves?

No; Some of these problems are specialized and you need expert help.

Is it normal to have a kitchen tap leak?

This issue can happen to anyone, but if it is not fixed properly, it can lead to worse problems.

What are the problems caused by not repairing kitchen tap leaks?

The bad smell of the kitchen, turning the kitchen into a gathering place for water and insects…

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