Kitchen Tap Buying Guide 2022


Since the kitchen is the essential part of every house that can gather all the family members, the kitchen tap used in it is also significant. By kitchen faucets, we mean the kitchen mixer tap, which plays a significant role in the Beauty kitchen decoration.

Various brands have entered the construction faucet design and production market, so finding the best brand seems a bit difficult. Especially since some old brands of construction faucets have lost their past quality, on the other hand, many different brands are growing and developing in the market, which by the way, have a lot to say.

So, reading the buying guide for the best kitchen tap brand before buying this device is not only necessary but also necessary. After reading the buying guide for the best brand of a kitchen tap, you can make a more suitable choice while getting to know the characteristics of the best brand of this device. If you want to know about kitchen tap replacement, check our blog.

Table of Contents

A. Types of kitchen tap models

with the advantages and disadvantages of each

Since knowing the different kinds of kitchen mixer tap models helps us to choose the best kitchen tap model more efficiently, we will check the advantages and disadvantages of each one:

Types Of Kitchen Tap Models -

1. The faucet of the sink, model of fixed (Stable tap)

One of the simplest models of the kitchen tap is designed in a fixed shape. In this model, as the name suggests, the head of the lion is fixed, but its lead can rotate left and right. You can find the science fixed kitchen tap in the market in two models, single handle and double handle, which are only suitable for single and small sinks due to their scientific consistency. While this fixed tap one. It cannot meet the home’s needs as double-lipped and large sinks.

The Faucet Of The Sink, Model Of Fixed (Stable Tap) -proplumber-uk

Advantages of fixed kitchen tap

- The possibility of easy temperature adjustment in the two-part model

- The best option for small sinks

- Low probability of needing repair or replacement

- Reasonable purchase price

- Long life

Disadvantages of the kitchen tap of science fixed

- Limited efficiency in double sinks

- The impossibility of washing around the sink

2. Shower or hose model kitchen tap

Shower taps or hosed kitchen taps are classified as mobile faucets because the head of the faucet is separated from the inside through a hose connected to the faucet. After use, it is placed inside the tap again. This faucet model is most effective in double and large sinks, and due to its mobility, it can be used to quickly wash the surroundings of the sink up to far distances.

Scientifically, the Shower tap model kitchen tap can rotate up to 360 degrees, so you won’t have a problem washing large pots and filling the tea kettle.

Shower Or Hose Model Kitchen Tap -

Advantages of shower kitchen tap

- It is possible to move the head shower from the inside easily

- Convenient washing around the sink for long distances

- The best choice for large and deep sinks

- Adjustable pressure and water spray mode

- 360-degree rotation of the blade

- The Beauty design and construction

Disadvantages of shower faucet

- If a heavy weight is not used in the shower hose part, the smooth movement of the hose will be lost.

- The purchase price is higher than the fixed model

3. Spring-loaded kitchen tap

Another model of the movable valve is designed as a spring valve. Scientifically, the spring valve is made of a fine-woven and resistant hose and has an elastic state. The sprinkler part of the valve is located inside the spring, which is installed on the valve stem, and when needed, it should be pulled down a little to release it from its clip.

The spring-loaded kitchen tap cannot rotate 360 degrees. However, it is almost similar to a shower kitchen tap in terms of functionality. Therefore, people are looking for the convenience of washing the sink using this faucet model.

Spring-Loaded Kitchen Tap - proplumber-uk

Advantages of spring-loaded kitchen tap

- Ease of washing around the sink

- It can be used in both fixed and mobile modes

- Adjustable pressure and water spray mode

- The Beautythe design

Disadvantages of spring-loaded kitchen tap

- The possibility of damage to the valve spring

- The price is higher than the fixed model

4. Double or filter kitchen tap

Today, the need for purified sanitary water in homes has led to the design and construction of double-function or filtered kitchen taps. As you can see in the picture, this faucet model has two water outlets. The water from the more significant science is suitable for washing dishes and fruits, and the water from the minor science is ideal for drinking.

The working mechanism of the double valve is that when the water purification valve is opened, the water first enters the water purification device built into the valve piping system. After removing chlorine and other salts, it comes out of the purification outlet. Because if there is a water purifier, the dual-purpose or filtered kitchen tap can purify the water used, it can be said that this model is the best kitchen tap.

Advantages of double kitchen tap

- The possibility of simultaneous access to purified drinking water and tap water

- No need to buy a separate water filter

- More freshness and better taste of drinking water

Disadvantages of double kitchen tap

- The need to install a water purifier in the plumbing system under the sink

- The purchase price is higher than other models

5. Wall-mounted kitchen tap

In some houses, the water piping system is so that the hot and cold water pipes are removed from inside the wall and the upper part of the sink. Therefore, the kitchen tap that can be used for this model of pipes is a wall model, which is not installed on the sink.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Tap -proplumber-uk

B. Plating types of kitchen tap

The most crucial distinguishing feature of most faucets, especially kitchen taps, is the type of faucet plating, which can play an influential role in the quality of the final product.

Electroplating of construction faucets is performed with the help of one of the plating methods, in order of the final quality of the work, called PVD, nickel chrome plating, electrostatic and electrophoretic:

Plating Types Of Kitchen Tap - proplumber-uk

1. PVD plating

The PVD method is one of the best methods for electroplating faucets, which is currently used in the world’s most prestigious brands. According to this method, a physical process, the metal solution such as titanium is evaporated in a vacuum, and pure water sediments settle on the faucets.

This electroplating method has a very high resistance to wear, corrosion and colour change; on the other hand, it is more expensive than other methods.

2. Nickel chrome plating

Nickel chrome plating is one of the oldest and most common coatings for faucet plating, which has been used since the distant past. The appearance of chrome is silvery or bluish-white, which happens to be highly reflective and highly polished.

Nickel Chrome Plating tap -

3. Electrostatic plating

The following method used for electroplating construction faucets is electrostatic. Because in this method, the taps are plated with paint baked in the oven, they are durable.

4. Electrophoretic plating

Electrophoretic is an inexpensive two-step electroplating. Based on this method, charged powder particles are first placed in a suspension environment, and in the next step, they are directed towards the faucets using electric current. The deposited particles of paint powder sit on the faucets in the form of a uniform and uniform coating. Please note that electrophoretic plated valves are weak against scratches and corrosion.

C. Types of kitchen taps based on the coating

along with the merits and demerits of each

The alloy used for coating the kitchen tap can play a decisive role in the type of colour, the level of Beautyand even the stainability of the kitchen tap.

1. Brass or golden coating

The primary colour of the brass alloy is yellow; that’s why after electroplating, the colour of the kitchen tap becomes golden using this material.

Advantages of the brass-coated kitchen tap

- Resistant to water erosion and oxidation

- Easy to clean

- No stain absorption

- more beauty

- very luxurious

Disadvantages of brass-coated kitchen tap

- The purchase price is higher than chrome and nickel

2. Steel coating

If the cover of the kitchen tap is of the original stainless steel type, it is considered one of the best electroplating.

Advantages of the kitchen tap with steel coating

- Very high resistance to decay

- Not showing water stains

- Radiant beauty

3. Copper coating

Since ancient times, copper has been one of the most widely used and popular metals for people, so much so that food container were all made of copper in the old days. The resistance of copper metal against the reaction with water is exemplary; in addition, the expensive metal’s germicidal property guarantees the health and purity of the drinking water used in the kitchen.

Advantages of copper plated kitchen tap

- High resistance in reaction with water

- Antimicrobial property

- Eye-catching beauty

Disadvantages of copper plated kitchen tap

- The purchase price is much higher than other metals

4. Bronze or red finish

Another alloy that is used for plating the kitchen tap is bronze. This material is red due to its affinity for the colour of copper metal. If you want to benefit from the high durability of faucets in addition to beauty, the kitchen tap with the bronze metal coating is the best choice.

Advantages of the kitchen tap with bronze coating

- It can be used in traditional decoration

- Without leaving fingerprints on the kitchen tap

- High resistance to water

- Easy cleaning

Disadvantages of kitchen tap with bronze finish

- The purchase price is higher than other colours except for copper coating.

5. Black coating

The kitchen tap with the black coating is a model that we see in abundance in the interior decoration of homes today because this colour gives a beautiful and modern appearance to your kitchen. It should be noted that the various colours of the faucets, such as black, white, rose gold, pink, blue, etc., are primarily obtained through the PVD process.

 Based on the PVD method, the colour of the faucets is formed by the vapour obtained from titanium metal, making the faucet’s paint more durable and stable.

Black Coating kitchen tap -

Advantages of kitchen tap with black finish

- It can be used in traditional decoration

- Compatible with other accessories

Disadvantages of kitchen tap with black finish

- Harder to clean

- Limited model variation

- more expensive

D. Kitchen tap buying guide

Pay attention to the following points to buy the best kitchen tap:

kitchen tap buying- proplumber-uk

1. Kitchen tap body material

Today, two main types of alloys are used to make faucets, brass and dry lead. Buying a kitchen tap made of dry lead is not a good choice because it rots quickly. The lead material inside spreads to sanitary water and causes many diseases for the consumer.

 Therefore, the best kitchen taps are made of thick brass because the brass alloy deteriorates more slowly, does not react with water, and is resistant to water solvents.

2. Kitchen tap cover material

In the electroplating section of faucets, we have given sufficient explanations regarding the different coatings that can be used to cover the outer surface of the faucet. Note that the material of the valve body is on one side of the story, and the material of its coating or plating is also on the other side, so it is of great importance.

Among all the coatings mentioned, such as chrome, copper, bronze, and steel, the best faucet coating is a model that, in addition to having high resistance to water, is tarnished slowly and, most importantly, matches the Beauty of the interior decoration.

3. Kitchen tap plating degree

Construction faucets are plated with different degrees in micron units. The higher the degree of micron plating of the taps, the higher the quality of the faucet plating. For example, if the kitchen tap has 25-micron plating and original steel coating, we can hope that this faucet will be practical for years without any problems.

In the meantime, most domestic and foreign reputable brands make their faucets in a plating grade above 18 microns, which is an acceptable level of plating. The kitchen tap with high-grade micron plating is not only more beautiful in terms of appearance but also does not change colour due to the passage of time and continuous washing.

4. kitchen tap weight

One of the essential parameters in choosing the best kitchen tap is paying attention to the weight of the faucet. The lighter the importance of the valve, the lower the thickness of the alloy used to make it. Although it may have a better purchase price, it still has low quality.

5. Cartridge material

Today, most kitchen faucets are made with a lever because of the ease of opening and closing the tap. In this faucet model, the cartridge core is used inside the valve body, which is the valve’s most essential and central part. Because most kitchen tap problems, such as leaking and hardening, are caused by the failure of the faucet cartridge.

 Therefore, the best kitchen tap is one whose cartridge is of high quality, preferably made in Spain, so that the life of the faucet increases and you don’t face problems such as stiffening of lever faucets.

6. The scientific height of the kitchen tap

One of the essential points you should consider when choosing a dishwasher kitchen tap is to pay attention to the scientific height of the faucet according to the dishwasher sink model. If your sink is deep and large, you should look for a long spout faucet to easily wash large dishes, such as pots under the tap. As a result, the fixed faucet is not movable for large and deep sinks due to its low height, and it is better to choose your kitchen tap from the shower and spring models.

7. kitchen tap colour

Today, in the market, you can find all kinds of kitchen taps in various colours, such as red, gold, silver, rose gold, black, white, blue, pink, etc… But note that the type of faucet plating is effective in its final colour; on the other hand, despite the role of faucets in the beauty of the interior decoration of homes, you should choose a colour that has the most ability to be matched with the harmony of the interior decoration of your kitchen.

Colours such as rose gold, gold and red can give a beautiful visual effect to your kitchen. However, the rose gold kitchen tap is not only expensive but also rare.

8. Valid warranty of the kitchen tap manufacturer

We said that many different brands in the market are competing with well-known brands. Meanwhile, products with valid stamps and a several-month warranty can distinguish authentic brands from fake ones.

So, when buying a kitchen tap, pay attention to the warranty card stamped inside the faucet packaging and only choose a sample with a warranty card for an extended period.

In this article, we tried to provide you with the most comprehensive buying guide for the best brand of kitchen tap by checking the types of kitchen faucets in the model, type of plating, and colour, and even reviewing different brands. If you also have a unique experience in using private brands of kitchen faucets, you can add your experience in the comments section of this article, and it will be added to our list of the best kitchen taps. If you want to see how to tap replacement is, or you need to know about kitchen tap replacement, you can check out our blog.

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